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Benchmark Broadcast Singapore staff go out for lunch together

It happens every now and then. Some of us bring lunch, some of us eat out at nearby food courts. On occasions, we all go out together and have a lunch in a nice restaurant. That was what happened on 23rd October 2017. It was a Monday. We began the week with a nice lunch in a restaurant in Race Course Road, Singapore. The food was good, the ambience relaxed, and the conversation was great!

Here's a group pic of us at lunch.
Office lunch

Benchmark Broadcast Singapore staff have fun with Barbecue at Sentosa!

The staff of Benchmark Broadcast Singapore decided to have some fun. There were a few birthdays falling in the first week of September. What better way to celebrate them than having a barbecue party?

So they decided to meet at Sentosa, booked themselves a couple of BBQ pits at the Costa Sands resort and were in business.

It was a family event, so lot of families turned up with kids. Some sparklers and balloons were thrown in for fun! Enjoy the pics!

The barbecue is getting started
The barbecue is getting started.
And what would you like?
And what would you like?
The interested onlookers
The interested onlookers
Babies are always fun
Babies are always fun!
More people joining in
More people joining in
And more kids too
And more kids too!
The veggie bbq
The veggie BBQ
Veggies for you
Veggies for you?
Am I seeing double here
Am I seeing double here?
The queue goes on
The queue goes on
And some birthdays
And some birthdays
3 birthdays
3 guys celebrating birthdays
Just one candle?
Just one candle per cake?
Have your cake
Have your cake and eat it too!
Some surprise beauties
Some surprise beauties turned up!
Sparkling kids
Kids had fun with the sparklers
More join in for sparkling
More kids, more sparklers, more fun!
Sparkling kids
Hei!You up for more fun too?
A fun day with family
A fun day with family
TIme for cheese
It's time to say "Cheese!"

Benchmark Broadcast hosts Cocktail Reception/Dinner for Bangladesh customers

Benchmark Broadcast hosted a dinner for its customers on 18th May at Hotel Amari Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A select group of Broadcast customers in Bangladesh joined the dinner and spent some time with us.

It was an evening of shop talk, camaraderie and catching up.

Some event photos below:


Benchmark Broadcast celebrates potluck lunch at Doha

The Benchmark boys and girls based at a customer lcoation in Doha decided to have a potluck lunch. And they decided to invite a few ex-Benchmark buddies of theirs too. The principle - once a Benchmarker, always a Benchmarker. And the ex-Benchmark guys joined in!

They decided to cook up a storm! The food served included several meat and veggie dishes salads, rice and bread. And desserts including pastries.

There was lot of singing and games and in the end it was a day of clean fun!

Posted below are some pics for you to enjoy!


They cooked up a storm!


An array of mouthwatering dishes!


Fun, games, play acting!


Pastries galore!


The proof of the pudding!

Benchmark Broadcast Singapore celebrates CNY

Benchmark Broadcast celebrated Chinese New Year at their Singapore office by tossing the Yusheng.

Tossing the Yusheng (a Teochew style raw fish salad) is a typically South East Asian (Nanyang) custom popularised by the ethnic Chinese migrants. Not really the norm in mainland China.

Yusheng consists of strips of raw fish mixed with shredded vegetables and a mix of sauces and other condiments. Yusheng literally means raw fish but Yusheng also is interpreted by its sound as an increase in abundance or prosperity.

Here are a few photos of the Yusheng being tossed up in the air!


The toss for prosperity!


Messy but fun!


It's up in the air!

Benchmark Delhi Reunion Lunch

When the Benchmark Delhi boys and girls organized a Potluck Lunch on 20th December, they thought "more" was definitely merrier. So they decided to invite some ex-Benchmarkers too! And they made it a Reunion Lunch!.

Several ex-Benchmarkers joined. It was time for catching up, batting the breeze and tasting all the treats. All the participants got a "Reunion" sweat shirt.

In order to limber up the appetite, they decided to have a musical chair too! Boy, was there a lot of running and scrambling for seats! After the good fun and the amazing lunch, they gathered on the open terrace to catch up on some winter sunshine! It was a great time with a great crowd!

Enjoy the photos!

Musical Chair

Limbering up the appetite!

Lots of food

Benhmarkers cooked up a storm!


With mouth watering desserts too!

Go for the food

Digging in!

Time for a snap

It's time for a snap!

Winter Sunshine

Catching up on the Winter Sunshine!

Benchmark Singapore Potluck Lunch

The Benchmark Singapore staff organized a Potluck Lunch on 17th Nov, 2016. Several ex-benchmarkers were also invited. We eventually had a gathering of about 25 people including our own staff, ex-staff and some families.

About 15 people delivered their culinary creations which included multiple starters such as vadai and pakoras, chicken dhum biryani, pasta, steamed fish, several curries, salads, pappadoms, yoghurt rice and a whole array of mouth watering desserts inclding cup cakes, gulab jamoon, custard cakes, Kulfa and assorted chocolates!

It was a great gathering! Lots of banter, catching up and photo taking happened. Of course we stuffed our faces too! Special thanks go to the organizers of the Potluck Lunch! We now have to spend several hours in the gym to shed the kilos we put on with just one lunch!

Enjoy the photos!

Food Starting to Arrive

Food Starting to Arrive


Unwrap and setup

Separate Table just for Desserts!

Separate Table just for Desserts!

People arriving

People starting to arrive

Starting to dig in

Starting to dig in

Its my turn

It's my turn now!

Quick before it goes

Quick! Before it goes!

There's a lot of food

Don't worry! There's a lot of food!

And Desserts too

And desserts too!

time for a wefie

There's always time for a wefie!

Benchmark delegates attend the Pacific Media Partnership Conference 2016 at Port Moresby, PNG


S.Ramesh Babu, CTO (at extreme right) and Matt Ashe, Principal Engineer (in the middle) of Benchmark Broadcast Systems attended the Pacific Media Partnership Conference 2016 held from the 24th to the 27th of August 2016.

The Pacific Media Partnership Conference 2016 was jointly arranged by ITU and ABU. ITU was originally founded in 1865 as the International Telegraph Union and took its present name in 1934. It is an organization that is part of the United Nations and specializes on information and communication technologies. ABU is the Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a non-profit, non-government professional association formed to assist the development of broadcasting in the region. The ABU promotes the collective interests of television and radio broadcasters and encourages regional and international co-operation between broadcasters.

The theme of the 3 day event was to have media stakeholders from around Asia and the Pacific sharing ideas, stories and challenges faced mutually around the region.

Addressing the participants at the start of the conference, Mr.Bhanu Sud, the CEO of EMTV acknowledged the support of ABU in the choice of PNG as the venue for the conference.


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