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Systems Integration – Design Philosophy

What we offer
Distilled to its essence, Benchmark Broadcast Systems offers complete, tailor-made solutions – solutions that are customised to your workflows.

At the outset, it is important to stress that Benchmark is not an equipment manufacturer or distributor that thrusts its hardware and workflows upon you. Benchmark creates bespoke solutions that suit your workflows, your end telecast requirements and your operating environment.


How do we do this?
Very simply, we listen. We listen to you. And we listen to your team. We understand your objectives. We understand your needs. We understand your dreams. And then we help you to realise them.

We know that no two stations’ requirements are the same. In reality, even within the same station, no two channels are the same. Each one has its own requirements, its own needs, its own peculiarities and yes, even its own idiosyncrasies. We understand all that and we assimilate it before we even start to design your system. We understand your budget, your timeframe, your commercial requirements, your target viewership and so, we tailor our solution to you.

Benchmark will design, install, integrate and implement a system that will be customised just for your requirements and needs.

Moreover, it will be a system that will allow for smooth expansion paths in the future as you grow and your needs grow.



Benchmark Broadcast Systems is an independent systems integrator that delivers comprehensive, elegant and cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy through to design, hardware and software sourcing, installation and integration, documentation, user training and, finally, to post-installation support.

The Company focuses on providing complete solutions from Concept to Commissioning (C2C). Read more...




Value engineering is the willingness to undertake complete responsibility for a project – from Concept to Commissioning (C2C). Read more...