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Systems Integration – Installation & Handover

Benchmark Broadcast Systems has a large pool of technically qualified and extensively trained engineers. Their experience covers all aspects of telecast systems integration from acquisition to storage, media creation, playout and broadcast, archiving and distribution and to new media. Moreover, their specialisations cover a wide spectrum ranging from systems design to engineering, fibre-optic systems, IP networking, hardware and component systems, cabling and wiring, troubleshooting and debugging. In any given project, these diverse manpower resources are led and coordinated by a dedicated project manager with complete responsibility from start to handover.


Although technical plans are closely followed to ensure that every piece of equipment, is cabled and connected according to the agreed project plan, our teams have the knowhow and expertise to make on-site modifications necessitated by any in-situ conditions that may suddenly arise.

Testing and Commissioning
While testing is carried out at every stage of installation, further comprehensive testing is conducted once the complete installation is in place. This is where our specialist broadcast knowledge and detailed insight into the intricacies of your system design and installation comes into play. It enables us to configure and test the complete setup – end- to- end – ironing out any faults, snags or hiccups and ensuring the system delivers on all the agreed specifications and performance parameters before we hand over.


At this stage, we encourage your teams – both the operative as well as engineering support – to take an active part in the commissioning. This will enable them to get a better understanding of the system, its components and their inter-dependencies, and the operational workflow.

Once we are both in agreement that the installed system or systems are operating as per the agreed workflows and that the installation is completed to our mutual satisfaction, we handover.

At this stage we also supply you with the detailed documentation relating to the system. This comprises comprehensive documentation regarding the system’s architecture which is essential for proper operational understanding as well as future expansion and modification.



Benchmark Broadcast Systems is an independent systems integrator that delivers comprehensive, elegant and cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy through to design, hardware and software sourcing, installation and integration, documentation, user training and, finally, to post-installation support.

The Company focuses on providing complete solutions from Concept to Commissioning (C2C). Read more...




Distilled to its essence, Benchmark Broadcast Systems offers complete, tailor-made solutions that are customised to your workflows.Bespoke solutions that suit your workflows, your end telecast requirements and your operating environment. Read more...