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Systems Integration – Some Projects

Benchmark's list of customers reads like a veritable 'Who's Who', an A-Z as it were, of the Asian broadcasting industry. From Aaj Tak to Zee News and including Bernama, Bloomberg, Channel 3, Gala TV, MediaCorp, Nimbus Sports, Star News and TV9 – among others...

Here's a list of some of the projects we've undertaken in the last eight years and, a few more.

  • 24x7 Infotainment channel, HD ready setup. Existing MCR upgraded with automated workflow using Snell Morpheus Automation
  • Viz Ardendo, an Enterprise level MAM to handle Production and Archival workflow. Designed to handle AVC-Intra 100 (Full HD) from acquisition to playback. Viz Ardendo File based QC facility and file Watermarking options (using Civolution plug-in)
  • Viz Pre-cut is used to handle the censorship workflow
  • Avid Protools and Avid Media Composer has been installed and integrated with MAM workflow
  • Viz has been integrated with Snell Morpheus automation to handle the content transfer and media management in the playout storage. Viz integration with IBM Tivoli allows the asset archive in the LTO-5 Tape Library
  • 24x7 High definition Business & Financial News Channel in Indonesia
  • Turnkey SI project
  • Includes Vector3 video servers for ingest & playout operations with in-built automation
  • Incite Media Asset Management, Xendata & Spectralogic for LTO Tape Archival solution
  • Octopus NRCS, Rorke SAN based storage solution & Incite NLEs & Transcoders for post production
  • Evertz Multi-channel MCR equipped with live VO translation facility
  • Support for Live feed pass-through with local ad-insertion
  • Vizrt broadcast graphics solution, ticker integrated with real time stock data feeds
  • In-house HD studios for production with centralized PCR, Touch screen video wall and Ross PCR Switchers
  • Panasonic P2-HD Camcorders for news gathering
  • First-ever HITS provider in India (Direct to Network)
  • 205 channel distribution to 20,000+ LCOs across the country with expected subscriber base of more than 250,000 in the first phase of expansion drive towards Digitization of country’s cable TV network
  • Complete Systems Integration with managed-services for next 5 years
  • A complete IP-based channel workflow with Network Management System for trouble-free operations
  • 24x7 Monitoring of 205 downlink and uplink channels in the same facility
  • 24x7 high definition Business & Financial News Channel in Mongolia
  • Turnkey SI project, installed, tested and commissioned
  • Includes Vector3 video servers for ingest & playout operations with in-built automation; Octopus NRCS; SAN based storage solution; Adobe NLEs; MCR equipped with live VO translation facility; in-house HD studio for production with Ross Switchers; Vizrt broadcast graphics solution; ticker integrated with real time stock data feeds & Panasonic P2 Camcorders for news gathering
  • Media and IT design and professional services
  • Setup includes Tedial MAM, AVID, Pebble Beach Automation and Seachange playout servers
  • A partnered project installed & integrated by Benchmark Broadcast Systems
  • Currently, managed services also provided by Benchmark
  • Edutainment TV, a leading television broadcaster in Mongolia.
  • A turnkey SI project – all equipment was supplied, installed and integrated by Benchmark Broadcast Systems
  • Setup includes Vector3 video servers with built-in automation; Octopus NRCS; post-production facility with Incite NLEs; two, in-house production studios; Vizrt Virtual Studio, Weather Central graphics solution, Vislink based Mobile Station for news gathering & event production; Panasonic switchers & P2 ENG Camcorders
  • An integrated digital and HD-enabled broadcasting and OTT-capable facility, including an upgrade of the existing setup
  • Four 24x7 Infotainment channels; HD ready setup
  • Existing MCR upgraded with automated workflow using Snell Morpheus Automation and Omneon Ingest and playout
  • EVS server used for production ingest and instant playback
  • Astro Arena is a completely HD sports channel
  • The System was istalled and Integrated in May 2010
  • It comprises Sienna Ingest and Automation, Isilon Central Storage, Omneon PCR playout and Vectorbox MCR playout
  • AVG is a DTH service provider with initial uplink solution for 35 channels comprising pass through channels, delay channels and a few self produced channels
  • The workflow consists of audio and video processing of all the channels to give a comfortable viewing experience to the end user
  • Due to existing government terms in Vietnam for the content being broadcast, the workflow has provision for censorship on the down-linked source content
  • News Channel
  • Project was for the turnkey setup of the station
  • The solution involved a PCR, VSS, MCR and a newsroom and postproduction facility
  • It also comprised an automated workflow with a Media Asset Management solution
  • Scope of work – Media Network design and implementation
  • The overall media network design was made according to the requirements of all the vendors and especially to AVID systems
  • Installed and integrated in 2009-2010
  • HD ready setup to facilitate Channel P7's transition to HD at a future date
  • Station was designed to incorporate a complete digital workflow comprising newsroom control systems, channel automation and control systems, news studios and program content creation studios, production and master control rooms, channel branding, ticker, archiving and more
  • Jamuna is the first HD News setup in Bangladesh
  • Consists of an MCR, three Studios, two PCRs, Apple FCP News & Post production, Octopus Newsroom, Astra Automation & Media Asset Management Systems driving a FPD Diva Archive & Storagetek SL500 tape library
  • Our solution also included the complete uplink (Vertex 4.8m) & downlink (Patriot) antennas with full RF chain. It also includes a centralized monitoring system from Harris
  • One of the biggest Newsroom solutions in the region
  • The solution involves a completely new facility involving a Digital MCR, studio equipment, Post Production, Newsroom, Graphics and Complete Station automation
  • Eight ingests and playout by Geevs & Leitch Server system
  • 10 Incite news editing systems in place are connected to 42TB Raw DataDirect SAN Storage on Server Client Configuration
  • The station has 75 Octopus newsroom clients plus Vizrt Graphics systems
  • The Station is controlled by Aveco Automation
  • Jointly executed with Ideal Systems, the solution involved Systems Integration of 40 Incite news editing systems integrated with 50 Octopus Newsroom clients, Vizrt Graphics and an Aveco Astra automation system controlling the station
  • There are six ingest and eight playout ports on Seachange servers
  • The project involved a fully automated network integrated News & Infotainment facility involving an MCR, two Studios, full a Post Production facility, Newsroom editing, Vizrt Graphics and Vizrt Virtual Set
  • The Systems Integration project included four ingest and eight playout ports using Seachange servers; a satellite uplink facility using a 4.5m C-band Andrew Earth Station connected to 400w TWTA and a 1.9m Advent DSNG for occasional use
  • The station has 10 Incite news editing systems directly on a Seachange server, 25 Octopus newsroom clients, and Aveco Automation controlling the complete station
  • The solution involved a fully automated, network-integrated News facility involving Master Control, three studios, Post Production, Newsroom, On-air Graphics and a Virtual Set
  • Systems Integration also involved 28 FCP systems connected to Seachange with DataDirect storage, and with Octopus and Aveco Automation controlling the complete station
  • Vizrt graphics and Virtual sets were integrated for station graphics and programmes
  • Complete System Integration project consisting of 10 Incite news editing systems connected to an OpenE NAS Storage
  • News ingest and playout is via Vectorbox using six ingest ports and two playout channels
  • The System uses SeaChange servers for program ingest and playout
  • Additionally, there are 20 Octopus Newsroom clients, and an Aveco Astra automation system
  • A turnkey Systems Integration project consisting of 20 Incite Media Producers news editing systems on a Server client configuration with Seachange servers
  • There are 25 Octopus Newsroom systems, Vizrt Graphics and an Aveco Astra automation system controlling the station

Gala TV – Taipei, Taiwan

  • Systems Integration of television station with 20 Incite Media Producers on four Ingest channels on Redwood servers
  • Client configuration based news workflow with Aveco Redwood Server with four Playouts controlled by an Aveco Astra automation system

RTV – Dhaka, Banglasesh

  • The projectentailed a complete satellite-based Digital Broadcast setup involving an MCR, newsroom, a post production facility and a studio
  • The Station uses 10 Incite Media Producers, 25 Octopus newsroom clients, six Vectorbox ingest ports and eight playout ports on a full station automation by Aveco ASTRA systems
  • Setting up the the first digital, automated Newsroom for Bernama
  • The project for the complete station setup involved an MCR, PCR, Newsroom, Post Production facilities and a studio
  • The system included eight high-res Incite editing systems, 25 Octopus clients, a Redwood server and an Aveco Astra automation system
  • For programme / news editing, the station was equipped with eight Matrox editing suites
  • The System also included Vizrt Ticker and Graphics systems
  • Systems Integration and fibre optic link for 16 channels
  • Included setting up the first fibre optic link in a television studio in India

The channel names are Aaj Tak and Headlines today

  • Implemented one of the first SAN-based Non-linear editing facilities in the region based on DATADIRECT Storage, Matrox NLE’s and Incite News editing systems; Octopus Newsroom, Aveco ASTRA Automation and Vizrt
  • Included more than 40 high-res editing systems, four ingest ports and other clients connected to the central storage
  • Currently there are four channels playing out of this set-up




Benchmark Broadcast Systems is sharply focused on providing cutting edge technologies for digital media creation, management and distribution. As such, we were one of the pioneering companies on the technology front that led broadcast technology away from the traditional linear technology towards the 'new age' computer based open technologies.

We made it our mission to present these cutting edge technologies to our customers. For them, it has meant new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. For us, it has meant a string of firsts:

  • The Company was one of the first to bring non-linear editing to the region
  • It was the first to recognize the benefits of web-based news reporting and was the first to bring a web browser based newsroom to the region
  • It was the first, in Asia, to bring a complete Storage Area Network (SAN) based TV station online

Today, the Company is at the forefront of bringing the concept and implementation of the fully automated, digital workflow to the Asian broadcast industry.