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Benchmark Broadcast Systems is Adobe’s latest addition to their global ACeSP for Video Program – making available Adobe Certified Service Providers who will help media organizations design and adopt complex workflows using Adobe’s Video products.


3 years ago

3 years ago

Benchmark Broadcast Systems is now Adobe Certified Service Provider (ACeSP)

Media customers can gain significant productivity gains through well designed workflows taking full advantage of the product features available and seamless integration of Adobe products with other parts of the creative production ecosystem. Additionally, adding automation to the workflows removes drudgery and enables media professionals to focus on the creative process resulting in a more compelling and impactful product.


Since its founding in 2006, Benchmark Broadcast has worked with some of the biggest broadcasters operating across the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia. The system integrator and consultancy provider has seen the media world change dramatically over the years. Production companies work with multiple vendors providing a complex array of equipment and software — from network, storage, and compute infrastructure to editing software, ingest systems, and media asset management.


“We’ve seen what happens when clients don’t have someone experienced trying to fit all of these complex pieces together,” says Ashish Mukherjee, CEO of Benchmark Broadcast.


“It’s our job to find the best solutions for each customer and fit them together in a way that brings together the best system for each client.”


Benchmark Broadcast has spent many years creating workflows for clients built around Adobe Premiere Pro. As an Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio, Benchmark Broadcast now has a way of showing customers that its years of Adobe experience will translate into effective integrations and efficient media production.


“Adobe is not new to us, but the certification process was still very useful to our engineers,” says MP Eswaran, COO at Benchmark Broadcast.


“It has structured lessons that lead us through best practices and make sure that we’re building workflows the right way, every step of the way. Our engineers are working much faster, but most importantly, they have an even deeper understanding of how all the pieces fit together so that we can improve the Adobe ecosystem for clients.”


“We’re a relatively small company but becoming a service partner has raised our profile,” adds Mukherjee. “We’ve seen a surge in demand for complex remote production environments. Many companies claim that they can do this, but with certification, we have a way of demonstrating to clients that we can and will get the work done.”


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Meet the Adobe Certified Service Partner – Benchmark Broadcast Systems in this exclusively designed virtual session and learn valuable insights


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  • Get insights on personalized content creation at scale


  • Add automation to the workflows by streamlining content creation processes, removing repetitive drudgery and enabling professionals to focus on the creative process. (Scripting, API, SDK, Panel Program)


  • Know more about remote workflows – remote editing, collaboration and virtualization


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