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What We Do

From concept to commissioning, we specialise in end-to-end solutions that are customised to our clients’ organisational goals. We place emphasis on sustainability, future readiness, and operational context such as region, feasibility, and economy. We upgrade, migrate and expand existing systems, or build new broadcast environments from scratch. 

Our consultancy services provide detailed road maps for every step of the system integration and broadcast set-up process which gives clients the freedom to choose their own service providers. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support services for operations, and personnel training services to equip client teams. At the core of our organisation is a commitment to building better. We are driven to building better systems than before, building better than others. 

Benchmark Broadcast Systems was founded in 1988 with a vision to providing clients solutions that are robust, realistic, resource efficient, and adaptive. Our team of experts combines industry experience, passion for new technology, and design thinking at every step to ensure every aspect of our clients’ business is well-served. We are also proudly product agnostic which means our suggested technology is objectively the best possible solution for our clients’ needs.

Pioneers of cutting-edge technology. First in Asia to bring complete Storage Area Network (SAN) based TV station online.

Bringing fully automated digital workflows to Asian broadcast. First to bring non-linear editing and web browser-based newsroom to the region

A commitment to serving region-relevant needs with local knowledge and local expertise

Value engineering that ensures uninterrupted workflows in the most dynamic broadcast environments


Organise your

project and

create a


Broadcast Center Design
Workflow optimization
Budgetary plan
Human resource planning and training
High-level and detailed design
Site survey and documentation
Technical furniture design
Studio design
Tender writing
Procurement negotiation
Content protection and monetization

System Integration

Set up your


and launch

your business

DTT system

DTH/DTN system

Over the top (OTT) system

Newsroom Ingest and playout

Media Asset Management

Studio automation


Regional insertion

Virtual studio

Hybrid CMS

Outside broadcast van


Traffic and billing


Unique tasks

performed to


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
Change Management
Technical & Operational managed services
Project management
Product testing and installation
Customized product training

The Benchmark Process

The Benchmark process has taken over 30 years to evolve and
with each project we refine how we do things. A project cycle
broadly falls into these 5 stages

1. Listen

Empathise and understand the challenges of the project. Each project is unique. Explore to see if there are other tasks that have not been identified.

2. Define Boundaries

Redefine the scope if stage 1 findings are dramatically different. Understand the boundaries that needs to be respected – it could be financial, geographical, or cultural.

3. Ideate & Design

Based on the analysis, explore all possible solutions and distil it to the best possible solutions. Repeat the cycle if required and proceed if you get a similar outcome.

4. Procure & Implement

Find the supplier that best fits the project requirement. While implementing it, follow the Benchmark mantra of doing ‘better’ than the previous project.

5. Test & Commission

Test, test and test again. Leave no room for defects to pass through. Handhold and troubleshoot after commissioning to ensure a smooth transition as product takes flight.